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Occupy-Commons strategy workshop: reclaiming the Commons as a social theory of collective action

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please join us at the workshop home page:
This online workshop is designed to:
  • overcome the scarcity of time available at the in-person Forum, by expanding the communication space to 5 days before and 5 days after it
  • generate useful input to the Forum from the online contributions from around the country and the world, by bringing to and distributing a summary of them at the on-site conversation

Introduce yourself and your burning question, here:

Here we explore such questions as follows, and anything else you want to know about a Commons-inspired strategy:
  • How can OWS foster a politics of the commons? Or a politics AS commons?
  • What interaction between “thinking” and “doing” is needed?
  • How can Occupy occupy the strategy space and equip itself with the organizational, material and intellectual resources it needs for helping the 99% win?
  • How can those interested to learn thinking together better, faster, and more strategically, form and benefit from a strategy-focused knowledge commons?

Explore the practical difference that a Commons-approach can make in the daily work of Occupy, here:

Documents from the workshop: