Members from OWS Making Worlds/Commons Coalition, Arts & Culture, Arts & Labor, invite you to...


NYC Community Garden Coalition UnConference

June 1,2,3 (Fri-Sat-Sun)- CITY WIDE
Organized in collaboration w/Occupy Wall Street

*Listed below is special Art+Commons Guide that covers only 1-Day/2-Boroughs*


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SPECIAL Saturday June 2nd
download PDF Guide: OccupyLand-June2-EVillageWilliamsburg_guide-1pg.pdf
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+ Commons Introduction in Williamsburg - 1pm
+ 2 workshops on Commoning & Squatting Land in NY - 2pm & 6pm
+ Children's workshop w/members of Making Worlds - 4pm
+ Art in the Garden Party! - 8pm!

The workshops are planned as a route to begin in Williamsburg 1PM, over on the L to East Village at 4pm and then down towards the Lower East Side, ending around 10PM.

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1:00-1:45pm WILLIAMSBURG

A) Gardens as a Commons, A brief introduction.
Berry Street Garden
Berry St, Between S.2nd and S.3rd St.,

Community gardens are a site of conviviality, reclamation, activism, education, urban occupation, and autonomy. It is a contemporary 'commons' shaped by a community through voluntary support from neighborhood gardeners, educators, activists, artists, and all those who enter the space.

Join Making Worlds Commons Coalition/Arts & Labor Alternative Economies in this brief introduction on the topic of Garden as a 'commons'. We will also discuss the importance of gardens as a stepping stone to greater autonomy and sovereignty within a community.

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2:00-3:30pm WILLIAMSBURG

B) Take on the (Vacant) Lot in Your Life
South Williamsburg Garden
Heweys & S.4th

The crew from 596 Acres will lead a workshop that draws on participants experiences and focuses on getting access to vacant public land for community uses. We can start at the South Williamsburg Garden and perhaps work through the 596 acres map to find lots in the area.

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4:00-5:00pm EAST VILLAGE

C) Children's Garden-Art Workshop
Children's Garden
E.12th St @ Ave. B

A Children's workshop in the gardens using natural and botanical materials. Ages 6 and up, younger children must be accompanied by an adult. This workshop will be conducted by artists and educators Suzanne Goldenberg and Begonia Santa-Cecilia, members of the Making Worlds Commons Coalition.

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4:00-5:00pm EAST VILLAGE

D) Swarm Organizing w/Superglitch
Green Oasis Garden
E.8th Street betw'n Ave. C & D

Swarm intelligence is an emerging field of biologically inspired artificial intelligence based on the behavioral models of social insects such as ants, bees, wasps and termites. Biological Swarms involve the collective behavior of decentralized, self-organized systems. This session will involve a basic primer on Swarm Intelligence followed by a workshopping session whereby participants imagine how activists might apply Swarming techniques in practice. For example, the honeybees' waggle dance technique could inspire new ways of locating housing for Occupy protesters.

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5:00-6:00pm EAST VILLAGE

E) Hey, Honey!
Green Oasis Garden
E.8th Street betw'n Ave. C & D

Skillshare on making lip balm with members of Green Oasis Garden.
Honey based treats will be served!

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6:00-7:30pm EAST VILLAGE

F) Squatting Vacant Lots
El Jardin Del Paraiso
E.5th Street, between Ave C & D
*Meet near the willow tree house to start

Workshop will detail the tactics and techniques of squatting (occupying, rehabilitating and defending) vacant lots for the purpose of creating community gardens and parks with and for the local neighborhood residents. Workshop by Frank Morales.

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G) An Evening of Poetry/Una Tarde de Poesia
Heckscher Children’s Garden
134-136 Scholes Street

This is the first ever community event in our garden. Through poetry we will be opening this space to the community, the young, old, friends and neighbors. All are invited to read their favorite poetry of love, hope, struggle, peace, frustration, inspiration, worldly poems and your own poetry. Appetizers are
appreciated too.

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8:00-10:00pm EAST VILLAGE


H) Conviviality in The Garden with Artists
La Petit Versailles Garden
E. 2nd St. b'tween Ave B & C

"The garden is the smallest parcel of the world and then it is the totality of the world." -Foucault, Of Other Spaces (1967)

The conviviality that is possible in the garden is multiplied by it's ability to be at once many different spaces for those who are present, and exponentially so as one moves through the garden. As the sunsets on this long day of venturing inside gardens, we've invited several artists to this informal gathering to reflect on art projects related to nature, gardens, and conviviality. Invited artist include Brian Zegeer, Hsiao Chen, Forest Purnell, and others TBA. For updates check

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