Minutes of the meeting (05/26)

1) Second edition of the Forum on the Commons.
a) Date.
We decided to change the date of the next Forum in order to have more time to organize it. It will be on October 18-29-20. Now, we need to find a space for it.
b) Title
Vicente proposed a title like “Building the Institutions of the Commons”.
Bring ideas on this for the next meeting.
c) Format

  • Vicente proposed to organize the different workshops with titles that would call for forms of actions, like: “Preserving the commons”, “Legislating the commons”, “Learning/researching the Commons,” etc. He will create a google doc explaining this, and we will be able to include our ideas so as to discuss them on June 9th.
  • We talked about the necessity of having a session on minorities and identity politics this time, including communities of immigrants, women, trans, native americans, etx. There was an agreement on the relevance on working more on this area this time (as it was something missing in the past forum).
We discussed the possibility of leaving an hour or so after each meeting to discuss a figure with a speaker-or-facilitator. For instance, “commons in the city” could be one, and we could invite David Harvey to give a brief talk on this and open a discussion. More ideas on this will be posted on the google doc.
Think of themes and possible names!

We discussed the possibiltiy of having a party with some music, art performance, etc at the end of the forum, and thought of using the “Brooklyn Commons” for this. If you know a band, dj, etc. Who would like to “commonize” on this, bring names.

2) Community Gardens Unconference.
Antonio shared the information on the itinerary for next saturday unconference. See the pdf attached and the schedule pasted below.
Yolanda will create the Facebook event, Antonio will post the info on the wikispace.

3) Occupy Queens. July 22.
There is already a date for the Occupy Queens popup (July 22).
Susana will fill out the form asking for a table for Making Worlds. This will be a big event with the participation of different communities. We need to share ideas on how MW can use this space (having our meeting there? discussing the commons? Preparing info on the forum?). This will be in the agenda for the next meeting.

4) Next meeting:
The next meeting will be our participation in the Community Gardens Unconference.
I am pasting the schedule below. Those who have access to xerox machines, please make copies of the flyers to circulate them in your neighborhood. Join and spread the word!